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Wyoming Health Insurance Exchange Technology

In 2012, Republican Governor Matt Mead, along with other Wyoming political leaders, decided to default the state to a federally-operated health insurance exchange for 2014, with the possibility of a future state-run exchange. While Governor Mead’s supported the pursuit of establishing certain components of state-run benefit exchange, exchange planning was suspended.

In June, 2012, the Wyoming Department of Health released requests for upgrading the eligibility and enrollment system for the state’s Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Wyoming has subsequently received approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for an enhanced federal match, which assisted with upgrading Medicaid and CHIP eligibility systems, as it relates to technology.

Wyoming will default to the largest small-group health plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield- Blue Choice Business, PPO. In 2014, the federal government will be fully responsible and in charge of running Wyoming’s health insurance exchange.

Essential Health Benefit Requirements

Each state government had the option of making a recommendation for the essential health benefits that will need to be included in coverage. Wyoming did not submit state recommendations for the new Affordable Care Act so they will default to the federal regulations. Federal regulations offer all Wyoming citizens benefits in the following categories:rehabilitative services, mental health and substance abuse help, pediatric services including dental and vision, chronic disease management, preventive care, emergency services, laboratory services and more.

Wyoming Health Insurance Exchange Stats:

  • Total Residents: 555,000
  • Total Health Expenditures (in millions): $3,833
  • Exchange Decision: Default to Federal Exchange
  • Total Health Insurance Exchange Grant: $800,000
  • EHB Benchmark Plan Status: BCBS of WY- Blue Choice Business, PPO small group plan supplemented by the federal employee dental and vision insurance program

While initial Open Enrollment dates for the Health Insurance Marketplace began October 1, 2013 and are scheduled to end March, 31, 2014, Wyoming residents who are experiencing significant life events are able to sign up for Affordable Care plans outside the standard enrollment period. Life events include: marriage, job loss, birth or adoption of a child and other circumstances that require additional time and assistance.

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