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Utah Health Insurance Exchange

Utah is one of the 27 states that is defaulting to the federal exchange. However, in May 2013, the Department of Health and Human Services granted approval for Utah to continue running Avenue H, formerly the Utah Exchange, as the state’s SHOP exchange for small employers. Meanwhile, the federal government will run the individual exchange.

Essential Health Benefits

Given the choice between benchmarking plans to one of 10 plans in the state or defaulting to the largest small-group plan in the state, Utah chose the Public Employee Health Plan’s Utah Basic Plus as the state’s Essential Health Benefits (EHB) benchmark plan. This decision was made on October 25, 2012 because the Affordable Care Act requires non-grandfathered individual and small-group plans to provide specific EHB coverage.

Utah Health Insurance Exchange Stats:

  • Total Residents: 2,781,500
  • Total Health Expenditures (in millions): $13,990
  • Exchange Decision: Default to Federal Exchange
  • Total Health Insurance Exchange Grant: $2,000,000
  • EHB Benchmark Plan Status: Utah Basic Plus

Utah has a state exchange for small employers but defaulted to a federally-run exchange for individuals. For essential health benefits, Utah chose the Public Employee Health Plan’s Utah Basic Plus as the benchmark.

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