Private Exchange

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Rhode Island Health Insurance Exchange Technology

On September 19, 2011 Governor Lincoln Chafee signed Executive Order 11-09, which established the Rhode Island Health Benefit Exchange, now referred to as, HealthSource R.I. The Rhode Island Healthcare Reform Commission’s Executive Committee collaborated with Governor Lincoln Chafee in evaluating non-legislative strategies to establish a Marketplace.

Since 2012, Rhode Island’s Executive Director and Board members regularly hold meetings to discuss all Marketplace activities and implement improvement strategies. Subcontractors have been hired to provide technical assistance with business processes, health plan certification, financial management and commercial market activities. In 2012, Rhode Island established a State-based Marketplace. HealthSource R.I launched in October, 2013 and is now enrolling individuals, families and small businesses.

Essential Health Benefit Requirements

All states across the country had the opportunity to make recommendations for essential health benefits included in coverage. Rhode Island has submitted benchmark recommendation to the Department of Health and Human Services.These included infertility treatments and inpatient services that may not have been included in the essential health benefits under federal guidelines. The essential health benefits included under federal guidelines include the following covered categories:, mental health and substance abuse assistance, pediatric services including dental and vision, rehabilitative services, chronic disease management, preventive care, emergency services, laboratory services and more.

Rhode Island Health Insurance Exchange Stats:

  • Total Residents: 1,037,000
  • Total Health Expenditures (in millions): $8,786
  • Exchange Decision: Recommended
  • Total Health Insurance Exchange Grant: $99,128,661
  • EHB Benchmark Plan Status: BCBS of RI- Vantage Blue PPO small group plan supplemented by the federal employee dental and vision insurance program


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