Private Exchange

Learn more about this full-service solution for individuals to purchase health coverage through an online marketplace.

Private Exchange Technology

GoHealth’s platforms integrate the most up-to-date information available for the insurance industry with government oversight information while still providing a comfortable consumer experience. Our technology will help large employers, carriers, brokers and associations by providing a ready to deploy insurance solution. The technology encompasses all aspects of establishing a private exchange. The system is equipped with employer, employee, and claims administration portals that can be accessed depending on your private exchange needs. It also allows for dedicated or third party insurance agent assistance.

Consumer Focused

  • Our technology is centered around allowing your consumers and members to make educated health care decisions. Whether they are shopping for employer insurance or are a member searching for their individual coverage, your exchange will be set-up to convey both contribution, premium, and coverage information.

Reliable and Compliant

  • Backed through multiple internet connections, DC power backend network, and cloud based hosting our private exchange platforms are highly secure and reliable. We regularly monitor our systems and all system issues are easily reported and fixed. The exchange solutions are also HIPAA compliant, so your consumer’s private health care information is held secure and will not be shared.

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