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Oregon Health Insurance Exchange

The Oregon Health Insurance Exchange Corporation was signed into law on June 17, 2011 by Governor John Kithzaber. Final legislation announced that the Oregon health insurance exchange was to be named ‘Cover Oregon,’ and defined as a “public corporation performing governmental functions and exercising governmental powers.” The exchange is governed by a board of nine members with key experience and knowledge in the health care field. All carriers participating in the Oregon health exchange are required to classify plans by bronze, silver and gold service-level standards.

Essential Health Benefits

All non-grandfathered individual and small group plans sold in the state of Oregon and through its exchange must cover minimum benefits, also known as essential health benefits (EHB). The Affordable Care Act defines 10 essential health benefits, including but not limited to: maternity care, ambulatory services, pediatric services, hospitalization and more.

Oregon Health Insurance Exchange Stats:

  • Total Residents: 3,809,000
  • Total Health Expenditures (in millions): $25,155
  • Exchange Decision: State-based exchange
  • Total Health Insurance Exchange Grant: $303,011,587
  • EHB Benchmark Plan Status: Recommended

The Oregon health insurance exchange, called Cover Oregon, is governed by nine members. It is a public corporation performing governmental functions and exercising governmental powers.

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