GoExchange for Employers

Looking for a way to control healthcare costs but still provide employee benefits? GoHealth has a solution.

Employer Benefits

  • Accurately Allocate Contributions
    • Employers can take control of healthcare budget and reduce costs by using historical data to accurately allocate contributions according to usage
  • Employee Recruitment and Retention Tool
    • Provide employees pre-tax compensation to manage their healthcare while giving them ability to choose their own coverage
  • Balanced Coverage
    • Healthcare coverage shouldn’t be one size fits all; employers allow employees to make a choice in healthcare coverage versus defined benefit plans
  • Simplified Administration
    • Employers no longer have to administer health benefits; billing and benefits administration is consolidated with online tools, designed to make more efficient use of the employer’s time and money

Employee Benefits

  • Tailored Coverage
    • Employees have different coverage needs based on their individual and family needs – put the choice in their hands to offer the most suitable plan available
      • Ex: HRA’s allow employees to carryover any unspent money in the employee’s account into subsequent years. Therefore, a younger employee may opt to spend less on insurance during his younger years and rollover the unspent money so that he/she will have more to spend in later years on family coverage or costly procedures.
  • Tax-deductible Reimbursement
    • Reimbursements may be tax-free if the employee pays qualified medical expenses
  • HRA Accrual
    • Employees can utilize unused HRA funds for future years or planned expenses, i.e. surgical procedures, etc.

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