GoExchange for Employers

Looking for a way to control healthcare costs but still provide employee benefits? GoHealth has a solution.

GoExchange for Employers

If you are looking for a way to better manage healthcare spending, you’re not alone. As health plans and associated costs continue to rise, more employers are considering shifting towards a defined contribution HRA model to transition from group insurance benefits to individual insurance benefits.

The GoExchange solution offers employers an online exchange platform combining

  • Health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) administration
  • Insurance marketplaces with integrated enrollment capabilities
  • Premium payment verification when applicable

By utilizing a health insurance exchange, employees are able to shop from a variety of health and ancillary products offered by multiple carriers, as well as manage ongoing health plan administration. In turn, employers are able to offer pre-tax compensation for healthcare without having to administer health benefits or increase contributions due to rising costs of healthcare.

Through their designated portal, employers are able to:

  • Identify health coverage goals for employees, creating a unique offering specific to the organization
  • Establish the defined contribution dollar amount and categories of qualified medical expenses eligible for reimbursement
  • Access broker support via the exchange solution
  • Additionally, employers are able to deduct contributions made towards an HRA

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