GoExchange for Carriers

Showcase all of your products in one web-based location while retaining members with the GoHealth Exchange Solution for carriers.

GoExchange for Carriers

GoExchange, a private health exchange solution, offers carriers an online exchange platform to showcase health products and services by combining:

  • Health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) administration
  • Insurance marketplaces with integrated enrollment capabilities
  • Premium payment verification when applicable

Through GoExchange, a private health insurance exchange, carriers can provide value to clients by offering branded portals to help ineligible employees obtain health insurance, as well as facilitate the shift of under 65 retirees from group to individual insurance.

Using this central web destination, carriers can exclusively market products while offering employees a one-stop shopping platform for health and ancillary insurance solutions. This solution not only helps carriers be more competitive for large employers, but also allows the employee to control and manage benefits specific to their current individual and family needs.

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