GoExchange for Brokers

Retain your small group book of business through a private exchange solution from GoHealth.

Broker Benefits

Research shows that many employers will decide to administer insurance to their employees through private exchanges, rather than traditional group plans. The GoHealth private exchange solution provides brokers the platform to thrive in a post-reform environment.

  • Retain small group book of business by transitioning to defined contribution model
  • Increase commissions by cross-selling ancillary products to existing groups
  • Increase efficiency and lower costs
  • Generate and send quotes
  • Track commissions through the broker portal

Existing Group Benefits

The GoHealth solution allows brokers to help employers and existing groups navigate the changing health insurance market while reducing and controlling healthcare costs.

Accurately Allocate Contributions

  • Employers can take control of healthcare budget and reduce costs by using historical data to accurately allocate contributions according to usage

Recruitment & Retention

  • Employees get the freedom and flexibility to choose the best plan for them and their dependents, creating greater employee satisfaction

Balanced Coverage

  • Healthcare coverage shouldn’t be one size fits all; employers allow employees to make a choice in healthcare coverage versus defined benefit plans

Simplified Administration

  • Employers no longer have to administer health benefits; billing and benefits administration is consolidated with online tools, designed to make more efficient use of the employer’s time and money

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