GoExchange for Brokers

Retain your small group book of business through a private exchange solution from GoHealth.

GoHealth Exchange for Brokers

As a result of the passage of PPACA, there are many speculations about the impact on the future of the health insurance industry. An increasing amount of health plans and employers are starting to shift to a private exchange model, allowing individuals an online marketplace to shop for and enroll in health plans.

Recent studies show that consumers desire interactive broker support to answer questions while making their selection. For brokers supporting small group benefits, the emergence of health insurance exchanges will provide a platform to help assist individuals expected to gain insurance in obtaining the best coverage plans available to them.

The GoHealth solution allows brokers to offer their existing groups an online exchange platform to shop for and enroll in health products and services by combining:

  • Health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) administration
  • Insurance marketplaces with integrated enrollment capabilities
  • Premium payment verification when applicable

Through the GoHealth private exchange solution, brokers can:

  • Maintain their book of business and integrate all of their carriers in one spot to help small group clients shop for the right coverage
  • Identify opportunities for small groups and associations to cut costs, while providing an improved experience for their employees
  • Gain access to the sales tools needed to maintain and increase online business
  • Continue assisting individuals in comparing and enrolling in plans through quoting and enrollment tools
  • Easily track quotes through completed sales and the commissions that follow

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