GoExchange for Associations

Increase value for your members with an exchange solution from GoHealth.

Association Benefits

Increase revenue by strengthening value for your members

  • Leverage the strength of your own brand to retain members and attract new ones through a defined contribution health benefits platform

Drive growth for local businesses

  • Help employers recruit and retain employees by offering healthcare coverage options

Help your members find the right health coverage

  • Healthcare isn’t one size fits all; help members and their employees find the right coverage options through a private exchange solution

Member Benefits

Accurately Allocate Contributions

  • Employers can take control of healthcare budget with a fixed dollar allocation for employees, and potentially see gains from employees not utilizing the full contribution

Employee Recruitment and Retention Tool

  • Provide employees pre-tax compensation to manage their healthcare while giving them ability to choose their own coverage

Balanced Coverage

  • Healthcare coverage shouldn’t be one size fits all; employers allow employees to make a choice in healthcare coverage versus defined benefit plans

Simplified Administration

  • Employers no longer have to administer health benefits; billing and benefits administration is consolidated with online tools, designed to make more efficient use of the employer’s time and money

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